If you are in the process of building or renovating now is the perfect time ask New Zealand Heat Pumps Auckland about heat pumps for your home. Read on to discover the many wonderful benefits of installing a heat pump as part of your new home build or renovation.

Ease of installation

Quite often, what would normally be a complicated, retro-fit heat pump installation is a lot easier when there is unrestricted access to wall and ceiling cavities. Less complicated installation = less costs for the customer!


Most of the time the majority of pipes and cables can be hidden in cavities so there is no exposed trunking/capping on the exterior of your building. Isolation switches and pipework can be brought through the cladding at the perfect place to line up with your outdoor unit, making for a clean and tidy installation


This can be the biggest problem in retro-fit installations, finding somewhere for the indoor unit drainage to go. If the heat pump can’t go on an external wall, we often need to use condensate pumps. When your wall linings are off it is often a breeze to sort out the perfect route to run your drain to: whether it discreetly penetrates the exterior cladding down low into a gully trap or landscaped area, or runs to an internal wastewater point such as a sink trap or hot water cylinder tray.

Power supply

Power can be another complicated aspect of a retro-fit installation. Power cables can generally be run back to the switchboard without a hitch in a new-build situation. And because we are NZ Registered Electricians you can have peace of mind that all works are completed to AS/NZS:3000 requirements.

Why not a ducted system?

As long as you have sufficient space in your roof cavity, a ducted air conditioning system is a great way to go for a new build or full-house renovation. With the indoor unit and ductwork hidden away in the roof cavity, 80-90% of the installation works can be done before insulation/lining, with fitting off the indoor grilles and wall controller once decorating has finished. This type of system is becoming more and more of a common option, especially in Auckland.

Even more power savings

Ask us about our Hot Water Heat Pump cylinders for ultimate savings on your power bill!

Call us to learn more

You can trust the experience of New Zealand Heat Pumps Auckland. Any building alterations (drilling holes, exterior penetrations etc) – if required – will be carried out according to NZ Building Code requirements, so there will be no issues when it comes to passing your inspections.

Email your plans through to New Zealand Heat Pumps Auckland and we will be more than happy to put some options together for you.