Titirangi, West Auckland: The occupants of this home had built the house in the 1970’s and have always lived there. In a familiar story from owners of houses from that era, they were noticing the cold more than they used to and wanted to improve their situation.

NZ Heat Pumps Auckland recommended a 10KW low profile Fujitsu ducted heat pump – a perfect solution to heat the 4 bedrooms on the 1 level.

The indoor exchanger was installed under the floor space, and the outdoor unit around the side of the house, out of the way. Our team has done a very tidy install, positioning the exchanger and ducting the under the house to allow for access all around.

The customers have upgraded the controller to the new LCD type which is very easy to use. The controller is located in the hall, allowing for the individual room vents to be turned off, if the areas are not being used, by simply flicking the vent lever to ‘Off’. A useful feature, however for best performance of a ducted system it is important to ensure not too many rooms are turned off at one time.

Fujitsu offers high-end quality and a reasonable price. The unit is very quiet and is renowned for its efficiency with a heating COP of 3.73; very high for a 10KW ducted unit.

The owners are very happy that their house is finally warm.