If you are considering installing a swimming pool this summer, you may be thinking about a heating solution for your pool. By heating your swimming pool, you’re able to extend the usage on it well beyond just the summer months. Take a look at our comparison below; we’re comparing solar pool heating with a heat pump pool heating system.

When looking at options for swimming pool heaters, the 2 most common that come to mind are Solar Pool Heaters and Heat Pump Pool Heaters. So which one should you choose?

Both of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages. While Solar Pool Heating provides eco-friendly, “free power”, the pool heating system comes at a considerable price. When parts fail, replacement parts are expensive, and you’ll need a solar heating specialist to repair any issues. The most obvious disadvantage to this system is that it relies on the sun to generate power and unfortunately, particularly in Auckland, this is not always reliable.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters are far less costly to begin with. Maintenance and ongoing costs are minimal and the system is renowned for its reliability. In fact, they rarely ever break down. Heat Pump Pool Heaters are economic and, should you ever need to replace a part, parts are easy to source and replace at a relatively low cost.

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