Classically beautiful, this bungalow in Auckland’s Northcote had that classic old-home problem of being harder to heat than its modern equivalent, due to the building standards of the time as well as design factors, where older homes typically have higher ceilings than your average contemporary townhouse.

For this property our technicians recommended a Fujitsu E3 high wall heat pump, which was installed into the main living area of the North Shore home. Being a large area with a higher than standard stud, we installed the grunty 8KW unit, the ASTG24KMCA model. The latest release heat pump from Fujitsu looks great on the wall of this classy home, and works extremely well.

The Fujitsu E3 unit uses a new type of refrigerant called R32, which is more efficient than its predecessor and current industry standard; R410. Operating at a higher pressure R32 delivers a lower operational cost helping you lower your cost of home heating.

The E3 is a great option for any home, and is especially beneficial for Auckland’s many older houses which often require greater input to heat.

So which heat pump is the right choice for your place? Whether it’s ducted or high wall, for old or new, our expert team can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on your home’s heating needs and your budget.