Heat Pump control at your fingertips, wherever you are! With a Pebble Wifi Controller, once you’re hooked up to your wireless router, you can control your aircon or heat pump using a SmartPhone app from just about anywhere. And it works on most major heat pump brands.

Using patented technology, the Pebble Wifi controller connects securely to your local wireless router through your SmartPhone. Switch on or off your heat pump, change the mode, set the temperature and fan speed, or control the timer function so that your heat pump turns on before you even get home.

Compatible with any Android or IOS SmartPhone, the Pebble Wifi controller offers multi-user functionality with real time reporting to all connected users. Changes you make to the settings on your heat pump or aircon are updated to all shared users. And the Pebble software licence allows for unlimited connected users.

Simply plug in and play. The Pebble Wifi controller is designed with the homeowner in mind; no wiring, no technicians, no fuss.

Contact New Zealand Heat Pumps Auckland to get your Pebble Wifi controller for just $249 incl GST.